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Herculaneum - Vesuvius - Pompeii

This tour guide, will help you to discover the famous history of Mt. Vesuvius and the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

This is a full day excursions, that start with the visit of Pompeii ruins. From Porta Marina, the main entrance, that will bring you a Via Marina, excellent sample of Roman architecture, lilired by fountains, buildings and private homes. Here you can admire wall paintings depicting various episodes of the daily life.

Step by step we will reach the major buildings and monuments such as the house of the Fauno, the house of Vetti a richest wine merchant of Pompeii, the Terma Suburbane and Terme Stabiane and the Villa dei Misteri which is one of the most beautiful roman villa where are conserved the most high artistic frescos.

After the guided tour of Pompeii you continue your scenic drive reaching the Mt. Vesuvius: Europe's only still-active volcano that is located on the west coast of Naples.

There you can climb the mount (approx 30 minutes) and walking around the crater enjoy of the panoramic and spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples.

You will descend along the narrow paths to the parking lot and proceed back to the ancient Herculaneum ruins.

Dating back to the 4th century BC, the city was thought to have been founded by the legendary Hercules. This elite Roman resort was before damaged by earthquake of 62 AD and after devastated by the same volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii in 79 AD.

Herculaneum was covered by a torrent of mud, which protected the ruins from atmospheric agents and illegal excavators.

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